Amazon Web Services

Overview of AWS Course


       AWS certification exam covers the four domains such as cloud concepts, security, technology, and billing and pricing. It helps you to develop cloud skills and advances towards the AWS certification with the role-based learning path. IT pros gain AWS certifications to demonstrate and validate the technical cloud knowledge and skills.

Why learn AWS?


                    AWS course is a solution-based and comprehensive training which provides knowledge in cloud computing based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Students will get in-depth knowledge on the core functionalities of AWS, patterns, key concepts and data recovery. Providing candidates with high-quality learning by professional experts which makes them equip with AWS skills.

Learning Outcomes


  •  Design multi-tier, decoupling and fault tolerant architecture using AWS

  •  Choose reliable storage and design cost-optimized storage and compute

  •  Handle queue service, instant management, auto-scaling using AWS Services

  •  Able to create a solution for scalability and elasticity



                   This certification exam provides individuals in a more extensive variety of cloud and technology roles with a way to validate their AWS Cloud knowledge and enhance their professional credibility. AWS certification course offers the best cloud com, putting services to enables the business to develop a scalable and sophisticated application which it attains quality knowledge.

AWS training and certification course will help you to more effective and do more in the cloud. AWS certification course validates expertise and technical skills with an industry-recognized credential and enlarges your career.

                                                                               Build a career that's future ready!


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